Tuesday, November 21, 2017

6 Essential Hacks For Traveling With Small Kids

Having kids can sometimes slow you down. The key to being intrepid with small children is being willing to go with the flow—but smart travel strategies help, too. Here are 6 quick tips for safe and easy traveling with children.

Before You Go...

1. Plan your packing, so you don't forget the essentials: 

Start a packing list a week before you leave.

2.  Sort out your in-flight entertainment in advance:

Books, nesting toys, small puzzles, Legos, and other small toys keep little ones occupied. Load an iPad up with movies and “educational” games the night before the trip. Over-the-ear headphones are a good idea, too, since earbuds don’t sit well in little ears.

3. If you stay in a hotel, shoot for a suite:

When reserving, make sure that the “suite” is actually more than one room and not just a larger-than-normal guest room.

4. Bring snacks:

 Have a supply of good travel foods (Cheerios, string cheese, bananas) with you at all times. If your child doesn't like the food on the plane or at a party, snacks are a great way to head off a tantrum from a hungry toddler.

While You're Away...

5. Factor in recoup time:

Be prepared to lose a day after a long flight or drive. It's best to stick close to your home-away-from-home to let kids adjust to a new place and possibly a new time zone. If you do go out, keep it short and sweet.

6. Don't overdo it: 

When you're away from home, it's tempting to cram in as much fun as you possibly can. But too many people, parties, and activities can overload your child. Instead, focus on one big outing each day and schedule in plenty of downtime. This way your kids—and you—will avoid burnout and will return home from your trip feeling relaxed and refreshed.


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