Friday, January 5, 2018

Enrichment/Multipurpose Areas!

This winter the cold weather has hit us H A R D! We've seen record low temperatures, which are not very outdoor friendly. Luckily, our school has built in play spaces for our students to play in, outside of the classroom. We have our enrichment room area that is full of fun toys and a huge open space, perfect for indoor games, relay races, sack races, Simon Says, and more! Additionally, we have a smaller play area for our infants and toddlers. Last, we have an area designed for reading and sensory play. These areas are important to our building because when the temperature drops like it has this winter, and we are not able to play outside, our kiddos still have the ability to leave the classroom, release some energy, and have a change of scenery.

Our play spaces are equipped with child size friendly furniture that so many of our kiddos enjoy!

This is our very cool activity gym.

We have the ability to move all of the toys and furniture to create an open play space, perfect for running and games.

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