Friday, February 16, 2018

Valentine's Day 2k18!

No one is quite sure where the origins of Valentine's Day first came from. There were at least three Saint Valentine's from the early Catholic Church who were martyrs. The day of St. Valentine could have been named after any one of them. The day became associated with romance sometime in the Middle Ages. In the 1300s English poet Geoffrey Chaucer wrote a poem that linked the day with love. In the 18th century sending romantic cards on Valentine's Day became very popular. People made elaborate handmade cards with ribbons and lace. They also began to use hearts and cupids as decorations. The holiday spread to the United States and in 1847 the first mass produced Valentine's cards were made by entrepreneur Esther Howland. 

Couples generally celebrate the day with gifts and going out to dinner. Traditional gifts include cards, flowers, and chocolates. Decorations for Valentine's Day are generally in red and pink colors and include hearts, Cupid with his arrow, and red roses. Cupid is a popular symbol of the holiday because in mythology his arrow strikes the heart of people and causes them to fall in love. In the United States children often exchange Valentine's Day cards with their classmates. These are usually just fun, silly cards or about friendship rather than romantic love.

Whatever the true story behind Valentine's Day may be, we love the hearts, candy, parties, and spreading love at Seaboard Lane! 

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