Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Nursery Rhymes!

A child's imagination is a powerful and unique thing. It's not only used to make up stories and games, it's a key factor in their creative thoughts and can define the type of education, career, and life they have. With this imagination comes a cultural literacy; fairy tales often include different cultures and ways of doing things. They also teach children right from wrong. Standing strongly within fairy tales of magic horses, glass slippers, and wolves blowing down houses is an underlying purpose. It's in a fairy tale's DNA to have a strong moral lesson, a fight between good & evil, love and loss, and these lessons rub off on children.
This month, we are proud to focus our attention on fairy tales and nursery rhymes as we help each child at our center grow, learn, and play!

Painting sheep!

Picking up sticks to lay them straight!

Coloring a pail for Jack and Jill!

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