Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Burrr...It's C O L D!

Christmas is over and the New Year has begun! For the past few days in our magical city, the temperature has been everything BUT outdoor friendly. Walking from the house to the car has been turning fingers into popsicles! It's every parent's nightmare...not being able to go outside and play. If you're house-ridden, as most of us are, your kiddos may be going wild with boredom. Here's a quick fun list of things to do indoors, with materials you more than likely already have lying around.

Learn about your family tree:
Get the whole family together and learn about your family history. Have the grandparents and relatives tell stories about when they were kids.

Set up a Scavenger Hunt:
Set up a bunch of clues for the kids to follow to find the treasure (or whatever the ending prize is).

Play board games:
Dig out our pile of board games and challenge each other to a game of Candyland.

Have a stacking contest:
See who can stack the most blocks or plastic cups.

Play dress up:
Let the kids come up with a theme and dress for the occasion.

Have breakfast for dinner:
A great way to switch up an old routine is to serve your family breakfast for dinner.

Build a fort:
Take your pillows and blankets into the living room and have a cozy slumber party.

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