Monday, March 30, 2015


Our Preschool 3 teacher loves to hoop in her spare time. She says that it is relaxing, great exercise and extremely fun! She brought her hoops last week to show off her skills and to teach them how to do it themselves! After much talk about proper balance and position, the kids were ready to give it a go on their own.  Here are a few pictures that show off their new skills! 

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Birthday Celebrations

We are so thankful for our kiddos and their sweet spirits, and we love celebrating them on their special days. This is just a little example of how we make our little ones feel special! 

Sunday, March 22, 2015

It's an Infant World

At AoSL we have 2 non-mobile infant rooms and 2 mobile infant rooms. Infant 3 is one of our mobile infant classes. Our babies normally have their first school experience in one of the non-mobile rooms. When they transition to one of the mobile rooms, parents are often concerned about how they will do with their first "graduation" Well as you can see, our mobile infant room teachers make this new change smooth and full of smiles! It makes us so happy to see them all smiling after their transition! 

Our mobile rooms focus a lot on developing that core strength that is vital to meet their milestones. They stretch, do baby yoga, bounce, crawl and learn to pull up! This class also introduces solids at meal times. We are a growing bunch here! Come check us out! 

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Sneaky Leprechaun!

We have quite the sneaky Leprchaun at AoSL. We've been trying to catch him for weeks now with no luck. What we DID catch this week was pretty exciting. Hop Hop, our school bunny was caught in the trap! PreK 2 heard a scratching noise when they returned from recess so they opened the trap and there she was! Stay tuned to see if we will catch that Leprchaun! 

Outdoor Play!

With all of this rainy and snowy weather, our children haven't had much time to explore outside. As much as they have loved creative indoor play, they have surely missed their vitamin D! This week, they got the opportunity to get back on the playgrounds and explore our many outdoor options. We have a sand table, tricycles, hula hoops, sidewalk chalk, dump trucks, full sized tunnel slide and south more! Come check us out and play with us!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Babies and St. Pat's Day!

What a great day! Our babies were able to get out and enjoy the beautiful sunshine! And this afternoon we had our St. Patrick's Day parties! 

March Buzz!

Since the first week of March was Dr. Seuss/ Read Across America week, we decided to play a fun Dr. Seuss game with our parents! Cat from Cat in the Hat  lost his hat at our school and it was in a new location each day. The parents were given clues to the hat's location for each day last week. The parents documented their guesses and turned in their forms Monday! Haley Carter guessed them all correctly! Great job! She was so excited about her Dr. Seuss prize! 

Monday, March 16, 2015

Will we catch a Leprechaun?

Tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day and we are looking to catch a leprechaun. Do you think we will?! 

Bug Scavenger Hunt

We went on a bug scavenger hunt today in the beautiful sunshine!

Prek and Bees

PreK Two discussed how bees take nectar from flowers and drop it back into their honeycombs to turn it into honey, so they thought they would give it a try! 

Kindergarten readiness.

PreK One worked hard on cutting on the lines today. This is a great fine motor skill and they did so good!