Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Happy Hoops and Suessical!

We had two special guests today at AoSL! To fit right in with our week of galactal fun, Happy Hoops talked about how hula hoops orbit around our bodies like planets in the solar system! In addition to Happy Hoops, Act Too Players helped us transition into our young readers month by performing songs from Seussical the musical! 

Check these two local groups out for more information!! They were amazing!!! 

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Mr. Bond the Science Guy.

We couldn't let summer slip by without a visit from the popular Mr. Bond. The kids loved him so much!
The kids loved how he blew the "smoke" out of his nose!

Making bubbles

Beating on "drums" to make smoke.
This face sums up the whole visit!

Friday, July 25, 2014

Academy Baby

Our babies have so much fun at AoSL!! They get to play with their friends all day, learn baby sign language, make art projects, sing with their teachers, and even get to spend time in the sunshine! Here are a few recent happenings in the AoSL infant world!!

Harper is talking to his family photos that Ms. Melissa contact papered to his crib! Great idea, Ms. Melissa! 

James Luke and Gibson are best friends! They have very similar personalities! 

Vivian loves to giggle when someone talks to her! 

This was Kaydence on her first day!! She loves her new school! 

Harper says HELLO!!! 

Charlotte selfie! 

Sydney loves when her teacher sings! 

Baby feet art! Nothing sweeter!! 

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Amazing Athletes

Amazing Athletes came to visit this week!! They taught the kids all about combining healthy habits with fun fitness! They loved balancing on the beam, running an obstacle course, and learning to pass the football to friends. Just another day at AoSL!

Franklin Tae Kwon Do

Big thanks to Franklin Tae Kwon Do for educating the children on what it means to have self discipline! Each child watched in amazement as these boys demonstrated some of their skills! 

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

July Buzz Winner!

At AoSL, we love getting parents involved by providing fun trivia questions or games  each month. This month we placed noodles inside of a clear jar and asked parents to guess how many noodles were actually in the jar.

How many noodles WERE in that jar, anyway??? Parent Tiffany Doble guessed the EXACT amount!!! There were 167! Congratulations! 

Bus Safety!

Our Kindergarten Boot Camp is such an amazing way for our Pre K children to learn the basics and more of Kindergarten! We want to make sure that they feel comfortable in their new school so we teach them as much as we can about what they will see and do each day! 

Here are just a few safety tips the Pre K classes learned: 

- Always hold the hand rails when entering and exiting the bus.

- Only use the aisle when walking to your seat or getting off the bus at your stop. 

- Remain seated at all times. 

- Always use an inside voice while on the bus.

- Remain in your seat from the time you enter the bus until the time you exit. 

- Never climb over seats. 

Harper Rae using the hand rails! 

AoSL PreK and AoW PreK 

Monday, July 14, 2014

European Invasion Begins!

This week we are learning about all things Europe!! Since "Ode to Joy" by Beethoven is the European Anthem, we let the children explore Beethoven and his music in various ways: 

Dramatic Play pretending to be Beerhoven himself:

While listening to Beethoven, Ms. Tiffany's class let their hearing sense guide an art project: 

Ms. Tessa's class created art to Beerhoven, and made their own musical masterpieces right along with him: 

We are ready to learn more about Europe!

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Mexican pizza making.

The kids were able to make their own pizzas this week, and of course, loved it! Also, I got a great picture of Prek starting out their day with the Pledge. It was awesome to see! 

Dora visits!

What better guest can you get to come to school during our Mexican Fiesta week than Dora the Explorer?!