Wednesday, February 22, 2023

 We had a fun Mardi Gras yesterday! All of our friends loved being in our parade to celebrate! All of our older kids had necklaces, masks and more. Our infants had a fun photo shoot backdrop! We love to do these small events and include the whole school to build a sense of community. It is not often we get our Pre K classes and infant classes together. Any chance we get to incorporate it, we do! 

Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Fitness Fun!

 January and February are focused on Fitness Fanatics here at the Academy! In recognition of that, we have had workouts set out for fun at pick-up, we have a 28 day challenge for the month of February that all of our classrooms are participating in, and today we had a special event that I know was enjoyed by all! Today's special guest was from Kido-Kinetics! In our enrichment room, he sat out a workout that required lots of hand and foot coordination. They even learned the techniques behind throwing a frisbee! The kids loved being active and having new challenges presented to them. I loved to witness the strong communities as they cheered each other on and coached their friends!