Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Three Billy Goats Gruff - Circle Time and Learning Tables

In Pre-K 2 students are extending their circle time lesson into learning tables. They read 3 Billy Goats Gruff as a whole group. Afterwards, students divided into small group for various related activities. In the pictures you will see a literacy activity where children are building the word 'bridge' out of blocks. Children also participated in a stem activity where they were able to use teamwork to build a bridge and test the strength using beans. Lastly, students played a bridge gross motor game where their friends traveled under the bridge just like the characters in the story. Developmental goals such as real-life application, story re-telling, and problem solving, and collaboration are all practiced through these activities. Thank you teachers for the thoughtful and intentional planning.  


Thursday, November 10, 2022

Donate What You CAN!


Our Food Drive is off to a great start! We love the engagement from families and teachers! We have our boxes set up and ready to go at the front of the school and the can are rollin' in! This weeks teachers have discussed the topic of giving back with their students. They know that giving back can look many different ways from donating cans this week to helping out at home! Teachers have helped them create signs and videos to encourage parents to bring in items. The class with the most items at the end of the month will win a PIZZA PARTY! We can't wait to announce the winner! 

Monday, November 7, 2022

What does literacy look like for infants?


Our infant teachers do a FANTASTIC job exposing our littlest learners to print. Children see their names, colors, shapes, numbers, etc. throughout the classroom displayed at eye level. Goals for early literacy include knowing the correct direction to hold a book, knowing to turn pages, and knowing to scan the pages before turning again. As they get older, they'll learn to ask questions about the pictures and eventually be able to tell the story in their own words. Early comprehension starts in your lap! Thank you, teachers, for consistent and engaging circle times! You make us proud!

Class Thankfulness Tree


With Thanksgiving approaching quickly our school decided to make class thankfulness trees! Each class designed their own tree to display for families and other staff members to read and enjoy. It's very heartwarming to have conversations about gratitude and thankfulness with children. Its a concept that can be hard to grasp at such a young age, but our teachers are doing a great job involving the kids in many activities that allow them to express their thankfulness. It is our hopes that the parents will read their comments and know how thankful their kids are for them and the lives that they provide for them.