Sunday, June 14, 2015

Water Day Fun!

Another water day is in the books and these kiddos are happy with anything from a giant water slide to a simple bucket full of water. So many smiles are easily seen on our playgrounds! 

Beach Babes!

As we continue our fun this summer PreK One got some great pictures feeling the summer weather! 
I want to go where they are going!

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Spray Paint Wars!

Water Works week is off to such a fun start. Today we mixed paint in spray bottles and the kids had an amazing time doing spray paint wars on the playgrounds. We even had an impromptu outside picnic lunch! Such a great Tuesday! 
Run Ms. Catie!
You better watch out, Drew!
Ms. Keshia is coming after you!
Get her!
Such a sweet face!
Someone wasn't thrilled to have to go in for lunch! 

Toddler Fun!

Toddler Three had a blast creating their own summer camp fun! They explored with sensory, made their own ring toss and explored with pipe cleaners today!
Love how they made their own ring toss!
Using sensory to create science projects 
Picking up pipe cleaners with magnets!

Mixing and Measuring with PreK One

Today the PreK One class had a lot of fun during science mixing colors to create new ones and also learning about measurement. 
Mixing yellow and blue!
What exciting color will they make?
Science is always a class favorite!

Kona Ice!

It's not an Academy summer without the Kona Ice truck! Giggles and smiles all around after having this special yummy afternoon treat! 
These faces say it all...Kona Ice is awesome!

Don't bother me while I eat my Kona!
They were so happy!