Monday, January 30, 2023

Process Art in Preschool 4


Never be afraid to get messy! Today in Preschool 4 the kids worked on a really fun process art activity. Process art allows the children to learn through discovery and exploration. They use unusual tools and their own creative techniques for making art as they focus more on the process rather than the outcome. While doing this, children are developing skills like critical thinking and problem solving. Learning how things work by doing! We love this form of play and love getting messy!

Friday, January 20, 2023

Together in Peace

 In recognition of MLK day this week classes were encouraged to have conversations about topics like diversity, peace, inclusion, love, and dreams. As teachers, we have the power to influence our future citizens and decision makers. We have the responsibility to have the conversations and expose them to a world that isn't always nice. With that, comes our job to encourage their contribution to this world to be a good one. One that makes a difference and leaves a mark. One of kindness and love. This is what it looked like this week! I love the learning that happened this week. 

Friday, January 13, 2023

Building Houses for the 3 Little Pigs


Our Frog Street theme this week was The 3 Little Pigs! Preschool 2 worked very hard applying their knowledge from the story to their structures in real life! After hearing the story read aloud throughout the week, the children were given the opportunity to collect materials from nature that could be used to build a house that would keep the three little pigs safe. They collected materials like rocks, sticks, leaves, and classroom materials such as aluminum foil. Next they worked together to plan and construct a house for the pigs. When asked about their choices of materials, children were able to explain that leaves are too easy to blow down, but rocks are hard and tough. We love seeing the real life application that comes to fruition after a week of instruction. Children are using new vocabulary and are able to elaborate on their projects showing proof of their learning! How exciting is it to see the foundations of learning applied at such a young age! We are proud of the hard-work and intentionality of our teachers and students. 

Thursday, January 5, 2023

Sound and Rhythm


Sound and Rhythm Drumming School came to visit us and we learned so much! This week in class we have been listening to music from around the world and learning how to move our bodies to the beat! Today we had a special visitor, Mr. Clifford, that demonstrated many different types of instruments for us. We saw drums from Africa, instruments that you shake, strike, scrape, and much more! We even had the chance to play a few of his drums! This experience is helpful to us because tomorrow we will be making our very own instruments to keep in our classroom! I wonder what we will come up with!