Thursday, June 29, 2017

There's so much more to PLAY than just PLAY 6/29/2017

Pretend play is more than fun—it helps develop thinking and problem-solving skills and strengthens social and communication skills, as well. It lets children "try on" endless new roles and new ways of looking at the world, which helps build empathy and imagination. And as imagination develops, children's interest and involvement in make-believe and pretend play will grow. Pretend play is a major developmental milestone! 
At AoSL we wholeheartedly believe in 


KBC Special Guest Visit 6/29/2017

During Kindergarten Boot Camp, our cadets not only focus on often time overlooked skills, such as carrying a lunch tray, opening milk cartons and ketchup packets, remembering addresses and phone numbers, and discussing school bus safety, we also give them a chance to put their kindergarten fears aside by speaking with an actual kindergarten teacher. Mrs. Martin, a local kindergarten teacher, came out this morning to talk with our cadets about life in "big kid" school. Needless to say, dozens of questions were answered, and our cadets can rest assured, knowing that elementary school, kindergarten in particular, is very similar to Pre-K, with only a few changes. They will tackle the new school year with ease after their discussion and a special book selection from Mrs. Martin----Miss Bindergarten's Kindergarten. 

Thursday, June 15, 2017

The Power of Imagination! 6/15/2017

"Everything you can imagine is real."--Pablo Picasso. 
Imagination is the door to possibilities. It is where creativity, ingenuity, and thinking outside the box begin for child development. ... Imagining, trying new ways of doing things, and experimenting help develop critical thinking in children and foster creative problem solving. 
Imagination week has been so much fun. Check out our family-driven Power of Play night, featuring edible, imagination graham cracker faces and our Pre K car wash! 

Friday, June 9, 2017

First Water Day of Summer '17! 6/9/2017

Our kiddos were able to enjoy the FIRST water day of the season today! Each class had so much fun in the water tables, bounce houses, and water slides! Some of our infant friends were even able to enjoy their own bucket of water and fishies :-)

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Construction Week! 6/6/2017

During our Power of Play summer, we will be exploring several different themes. Take a look at how some of our infant and toddler classes introduced "tools" to their classes! 

Monday, June 5, 2017

Kindergarten Boot Camp Kick-Off! 6/5/2017

We've had a fantastic start to KBC! Our cadets were able to grab their necessary survival items for their 8 week long Boot Camp session! We look forward to seeing how much they've transformed at graduation in July! 

STAND WITH US! 6/5/2017

We've got PREDS FEVER at Seaboard Lane! With the Nashville Predators being in the Stanley Cup finals, we've seen the cutest little fans at school.