Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Constellation Creations!

We are learning all about space this week! Today Ms. Ashly's Pre-K 1 made their very own constellation creations! They had a blast making these & loved explaining which star they had created.

Thursday, August 19, 2021

A Visit From Sno Critters!

We had a special treat this afternoon- a visit from Sno Critters Music City! This truck is amazingly delicious. Follow them on Instagram to find out where they will be next. In the meantime, take a look at these happy faces!


Let's Learn About Fossils

Our Toddler 2 class took science all of the way to the prehistoric days... they learned about fossils! Each child was able to help mix their own fossil dough & stamp their hand print in it the way dinosaurs did! We're not quite sure which was their favorite part but one thing is for sure- these toddlers love to get messy!

Skittle Experiment

One of our favorite ways to explore science is the skittle experiment! Our Preschool 2 class learned how to mix colors by placing 5 skittles around the perimeter of their plate. Next Ms. Grace added a little spritz of water & her class watched the colors run into one another creating new colors. Lots of fun with this one!

Science Fun

It's Science Week at The Academy! We have had so much fun with all sorts of creations. Today our Pre-K 2 class dropped food coloring into bottles with a little bit of oil & water & watched the magic! It's been a blast learning how many fun activities are actually science rel


Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Let's Build It


It's Let's Build It Week at The Academy! Our kids are busy building with everything and anything! Preschool 2 was using magnet blocks and Mega Legos, using their fine motor skills to connect them all. Preschool 4 was learning about the different types of tools used for building and creating master pieces. The peg boards were being used in Toddler 4 to see how tall they could make their towers. There is lots more building to come this week!