Friday, August 26, 2022

"The One Where Toddlers Camp"

 Camp Academy Week at AoSL was the absolute cutest! All ages participated in campfire crafts, bear hunts, bike day, hat day, and some enjoyed S'MORES! Each teacher put their own spin on their lessons which kept our hallways buzzing with creativity and fun! Toddler 3 had the cutest dramatic play set up this week. Our teacher's kept the children fully immersed in the camping world and provided them with a memorable experience. Great job, Teachers! 

Friday, August 19, 2022

Wild Ones At Work


Our littles have been busy at work saving animals and learning all about them during our wild things week! In our infant and toddler rooms, the children were developing their fine motor and eye coordination skills as they rescued the trapped animals! Grasping and moving items from place to place help to strengthen key developmental milestones. Way to go, teachers!!! 

Friday, August 12, 2022

Zero Gravity in PREK


Children in PreK are learning all about space this week! They created mixed material collages that represented zero gravity. Some drew a galaxy and others drew planets! They loved choosing items to float in their version of space!  What a fun exposure to science and a great way to express creativity and develop fine motor skills. Great Job PreK!

Thursday, August 4, 2022

Seek. Find, and BUILD!


I'm not sure if there is a more engaging topic for some of our friends than building/construction. They really dig it! Teachers of our 3 years olds incorporated our weekly theme into a fun letter/name recognition game. Students were prompted to find the letters of their name during a scavenger hunt and  then worked to glue them down to spell their name. As you can see, engagement was high! Those smiling faces show how proud they were to find "their" letters. Our teachers did a great job facilitating an activity that allowed for gross motor, cognitive, and fine motor development. Through intentional planning, teachers are able to easily engage and challenge the minds of their young learners.

Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Tiny Hands- Big Stories to Write

Preschool 3 used their imaginations collaboratively after being inspired by a student's knight costume! 

During our dress up day, friends were captivated by their classmates knight costume. The teachers used this opportunity to incorporate student led learning and facilitated the project pictured. Each student drew something magical and mythical. As a group, they discussed their drawings and made them come to life. It was then that the teacher realized they were building upon each others' descriptions and unintentionally telling a story. WOW! The class loved the idea of putting their friend, the knight, into their story. So, the teacher miniaturized him and they all decided where he would fit into each of their drawings! To wrap up their project, teachers printed a copy for each kid to take home and displayed it in the classroom. The children have taken so much pride in their work, AS THEY SHOULD!