Friday, January 23, 2015

Fine Motor Perfection

Preschool 3 came up with a very creative and fun way to help master their fine motor skills! They had to fill their cereal bowl with O's! Handwriting is a key skill for Preschool and Prek to master and we make it FUN!!! Great work, PS3! 

Earth and Animal Poses!

Today, one of our wonderful parents taught our PreK and Preschool classes a few poses to connect with nature! She taught the children all about the elements, and how we can use our senses to relax. They tried several poses including tree pose, giraffe, bat, and sun. They even learned about the benefits of rose water! 

Check out the link below the pictures for tips on how to incorporate yoga into your child's daily routine! The benefits are astounding. And it's FUN!

Rose water for clarity!

Crab/Goddess Pose! 

Tree Pose! What a pro! 

Downward dog!

More Tree! 

Time to rest! Namaste!

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Target practice!

PreK One had a great idea of throwing bean bags through different shape cut outs! This was such a fun activity for the kids. You could here the cheers all the way down the hall. 

More Fitness!

Prek continued having a blast this week doing many different fitness activities. We were lucky to have Jump Bunch come out and do a great fitness demo with the kids. It's been a great week!


As we continue teaching the kiddos about opposites Toddler Two had a great activity to help with that. They all had a great time coloring under the table! 

Parachute Play!

There was a lot of parachute playing going on this week. I just loved seeing the smiles and hearing the laughs that this brought!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

We're off to the Races!

This week for Fitness Fanatics we have been racing in all sorts of ways. We have learned how to sack race and how to run in a relay race! The kids had a blast and were able to get some energy out in this cold weather.

               On your mark....
                     Get Set...
    The giggles were heard for miles!
    And they're off with their batons!
     Who's going to win?!
     They were a little confused that they were
             told TO run in the halls!
      Check out the speed!

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Tunnel Fun!

What do we do when it's 10 degrees outside? Get the tunnels out of course!
     Sophia crawling through the tunnel
      Here comes Drew!
      Watch out, coming through!

More Yoga Fun!

Some of the kids really got into yoga day! 

Yoga Day and Obstacle Courses!

Another fun filled day @ AoSL! Fitness Fanatics is in full swing and with the crazy cold weather the kids have needed this extra dose of exercise!