Thursday, September 29, 2022

Family Engagement!


This week we had two fun after school events planned! Our children are LOVING the book fair and having such a great time viewing and choosing books with their parents! Another fun activity that we did was celebrating National Chocolate Milk Day! Cartons of milk to-go with fun straws! We love a good Grab & Go around here! 

Learning to Set the Table

Social Emotional development is very important for toddlers. Today our Toddler 3 class is working on meal time routines and manners. After reading and interacting with a story focused on homes, families, and routines, the class engaged in play! You will see the toddlers setting the table and sitting for a meal together. Dramatic/imaginary play is a key element in play at this stage. You will see them pouring for themselves and their friends and also using utensils. Another important skill is learning something new and applying it across settings. I love that they read the book and then had the opportunity to show what they know! Our teachers are working hard to incorporate real-life learning into everyday! 


Monday, September 19, 2022

Attributes of Shapes!

Let's talk shapes! Preschool 3 is being exposed to many different shapes as they work to learn the different attributes. They are making shape collages, using play-dough to make shape cookies, and making pictures using shape tiles! Not only are they identifying shapes and learning the names, but they are also developing language such as sides and edges. Building a foundational knowledge of sorting and identifying attributes is a skill that children will continue to develop and apply as they progress through school. Starting early gives our little learners great exposure for their future math goals!  

Here are my eyes!

Toddler 4 had a blast looking at themselves and discovering their eyes! Each child looked closely at his or her eyes and discussed their eye color with Ms. Avery. Once they understood their eye color, they worked together as a group to find friends that had the same color eye as them. I love that this activity involves building community among the students, while also embracing what makes each child unique to themselves! Way to go Toddler 4! 


Wednesday, September 7, 2022

Curriculum Kick-Off!

We have officially began our Frog Street curriculum here at AOSL! Our focus this week has been on introducing new routines and materials that will set the foundation for our curriculum throughout the year. For some, this looks like learning to sit for circle time. For others, they will be beginning baby signs, working on mobility, and interacting through serve and return. We implement curriculum at every age and we love to see our children meeting and exceeding our expectations. Below you will see different ages interacting in learning centers and circle times throughout our building.