Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Bus Safety!

Our Kindergarten Boot Camp is such an amazing way for our Pre K children to learn the basics and more of Kindergarten! We want to make sure that they feel comfortable in their new school so we teach them as much as we can about what they will see and do each day! 

Here are just a few safety tips the Pre K classes learned: 

- Always hold the hand rails when entering and exiting the bus.

- Only use the aisle when walking to your seat or getting off the bus at your stop. 

- Remain seated at all times. 

- Always use an inside voice while on the bus.

- Remain in your seat from the time you enter the bus until the time you exit. 

- Never climb over seats. 

Harper Rae using the hand rails! 

AoSL PreK and AoW PreK 

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