Sunday, August 9, 2015

Back to the Basics

We encourage the classes to get back to the basics! Bring the outside in! Recycle! Repurpose! Create from scratch! Here are a few examples of how we "get back to the basics"...

Recycled mural! All children in the class played a part in this masterpiece.

We provided all classes with planters, soil and seeds and one class has quite the nature scene in their room! Plants are vital to well being, air purification and simple joy!

One classroom wanted to make mobiles to hang above their circle time area. The item of choice was pipe cleaners! Check out the mobile one of our classes created and proudly displays!

Our PreK kiddos love to go on nature walks. We found these a while ago and are still taking great care of them!

Popsicle stick masterpiece! 

I adore how an infant room chose to bring the outside in! There's a flutter of butterflies that dance across their windows each day! 

How do you bring the outside in, or get back to the basics at home? 

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