Thursday, June 29, 2017

KBC Special Guest Visit 6/29/2017

During Kindergarten Boot Camp, our cadets not only focus on often time overlooked skills, such as carrying a lunch tray, opening milk cartons and ketchup packets, remembering addresses and phone numbers, and discussing school bus safety, we also give them a chance to put their kindergarten fears aside by speaking with an actual kindergarten teacher. Mrs. Martin, a local kindergarten teacher, came out this morning to talk with our cadets about life in "big kid" school. Needless to say, dozens of questions were answered, and our cadets can rest assured, knowing that elementary school, kindergarten in particular, is very similar to Pre-K, with only a few changes. They will tackle the new school year with ease after their discussion and a special book selection from Mrs. Martin----Miss Bindergarten's Kindergarten. 

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