Wednesday, February 7, 2018

We LOVE science!

Fostering a love for science begins early. Science explorations teach children the skills and vocabulary they need to make great scientists. Preschoolers learn best by doing, and we encourage our budding scientists by teaching important science words and concepts that all scientists use.

Our friends in Preschool 3 put on their scientist thinking caps and conducted a cool experiment. They made CRYSTALS! They were so engaged in the activity, that they didn't even realize all of the learning they were actually doing.

Here are some of the new words they learned during their exploration:
Our preschoolers find many science concepts fascinating, but they learn more about the concepts if they learn to observe closely. We teach our students how to use all their senses to observe the world around them by noticing differences and similarities about the size, color, shapes and location of any object they collect.
We show our preschoolers how to learn science by exploring. While exploring science can sometimes get a little messy, it will helps them one use their natural curiosity to learn more.
We let our students know that they can formulate their own questions and use experiments to find out the answers.

Growing crystals!

So surprised at the outcome of their experiment!

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