Thursday, July 19, 2018

The Power of Outdoor Play!

This week has been all about the Power of Outdoor Play at AoSL! And we are more than thrilled to celebrate and learn the benefits of playing outdoors. Giving children the freedom of playing outdoor helps them to feel happier and calmer. Being outside means that children naturally get vitamin D, which is proven to help improve moods and create a positive mental attitude. The freedom of outdoor play also encourages children to get rid of built up energy, particularly if they tend to be fidgety when sitting for long periods of time. This leads to them becoming calmer and ultimately helps them to be more focused in the classroom. Additionally, outdoor play equipment has a little more risk than indoor toys. Whether it is encouraging children to use slides they might be a little afraid to go down, or to try challenging play trails; outdoor play equipment can help children to learn to push their boundaries and become good at risk assessment. It also teaches them to explore new games and become confident in learning to try new things without being guided by adults.

Balloon Races


Driving the car!

Counting stick!

Jumping in hoops!


Outdoor car races!

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