Wednesday, April 17, 2019


By embracing the natural curiosity about bugs, we teach kids to work with nature rather than against it. We model “observing” before “interacting.” It’s important for kids to learn to observe before interacting, so they don’t harm a helper. They learn that even the tiniest creature can help make a difference in the natural world. Sometimes fascination can lead to fear if a kid touches a bug they shouldn’t or gets stung by a territorial bee. Teaching them to “look before they leap” is a great lead into a lesson about the social hierarchy of the insect world. Teaching kids to observe bug behavior is another great learning tool. Through careful observation, we learn whether the bug is a friend or foe in the garden.  

Drew her very own spider and spider web

Special guest visit from a tarantula.

Tarantula visit

Painting lady bug rocks

Painting lady bug rocks

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