Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Tiny Hands- Big Stories to Write

Preschool 3 used their imaginations collaboratively after being inspired by a student's knight costume! 

During our dress up day, friends were captivated by their classmates knight costume. The teachers used this opportunity to incorporate student led learning and facilitated the project pictured. Each student drew something magical and mythical. As a group, they discussed their drawings and made them come to life. It was then that the teacher realized they were building upon each others' descriptions and unintentionally telling a story. WOW! The class loved the idea of putting their friend, the knight, into their story. So, the teacher miniaturized him and they all decided where he would fit into each of their drawings! To wrap up their project, teachers printed a copy for each kid to take home and displayed it in the classroom. The children have taken so much pride in their work, AS THEY SHOULD!   


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